The Chamber Innovation Initiative

Launched October 2018 by The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

Hundreds of chambers collaborating to deliver the chamber of the future today

The Initiative in detail

What chamber leaders are saying

"In more than twenty years in the chamber industry there are times I've been way behind on tech and other times I've been way out in front –at either end of that continuum it's far too expensive for chambers to 'keep up' on their own. This project provides an opportunity to pay our fair share for today's technology to drive our business and to leverage the experience, knowledge and resources of our peers."

—Steve Millard, CEO

Greater Akron Chamber

"The immediate impact of this initiative is tremendous. The long-term opportunity is mind boggling."

—Jerry Libbin, CEO

Miami Beach Chamber

"All Chambers around the country are facing the same dilemma: Transform the experience to be relevant to a new generation or go the way of the dinosaur. This project represents an innovative shared-cost approach which utilizes technology to personalize the membership experience and is sure to resonate with the next generation of Chamber members."

—Gene Kirchner, COO

Northern Kentucky Chamber

"We are pleased to partner with chambers across the country on this exciting initiative. Through collaboration we can embrace technology and its relevance in the new, digital world, and use it for the Chamber's advantage. This will drive member growth and retention by measuring engagement and documenting value delivered, and offer an enhanced, modern, mobile enabled member experience that allows us to become a more value driven organization, responsive to our members."

—Bob Carl, CEO

Schuylkill Chamber

The Guiding Principles

The Vision

  • Transform to remain relevant
  • Share costs to accomplish more
  • Use technology to enhance human interaction
  • Develop game-changing apps
  • Cost per chamber is next to nothing
  • Include chambers of every size
  • Enhance year after year


Version 1.0

The Initiative is developing "BIZ"

(The Business Impact Zone)

Watch The Initiative in Detail video for complete features and functionality


  • Digital marketing revenue
  • Reach beyond the chamber walls


  • Roadmap to Renewal
  • Connection tracking
  • Automated member feedback
  • Member loss prevention alerts


  • Anywhere, anytime mobile access
  • Modernized event experience


  • Process automation

Year 2 and Beyond

  • Improve based on chamber input
  • Leverage emerging technologies
  • Incorporate new social and professional media
  • Innovate to ensure long term relevance


The Chamber Innovation Initiative

Launched October 2018 by The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
through Crowd Innovation, an initiative of Kinect Consulting LLC.